The Jerome Historical Society maintains a variety of buildings, museums and special projects in and around Jerome.

Mine Museum

The Museum and Gift Shop were opened in the early 1950s. With displays depicting the timeline of Jerome’s past to its present, items such as old miners equipment to remains of gambling in saloons can be seen within the Museum. Included are displays on the Chinese in Jerome and the melting pot of other ethnicities that include the Italians, Slavs, Mexicans, Irish, Russians and more. The museum is evolving from pure mining to demonstrating the people who made Jerome what it is.

Audrey Headframe Park

The state-of-the-art Audrey shaft and headframe was the largest facility of its kind built by the United Verde Extension (UVX) Company during its years of operation. It was constructed in 1918 only after the location of an extraordinarily rich copper deposit made the investment economically viable.

Spook Hall

Popularly known as Spook Hall, this building was the old J.C. Penney building and is located on Hull Avenue, just below Main Street. Mr. Lawrence was a major contributor to the founding of the Jerome

Historical Society and the building is dedicated in his honor. The Hall has great public exposure and is perfect for weddings, craft shows, antique shows and other exhibits.

Art Park

This lot is the original site of St. Charles Hotel owned by Kitty Boyd, the structure burned in the fire of 1898. The Park was named after Laura Williams for her dedicated efforts in the establishment of the Society in 1953. Laura Williams Park was established by the Society in the later part of the 1970’s. The Park was an area where local Jerome Artists could display and sell their art.

This Park also gives visitors the unique opportunity to talk directly with the artists. The Park is open 7 days a week (excluding bad weather days). The Art Park offers visitors the opportunity to purchase handmade jewelry, pottery, textiles and other works of art.

New State Motor Building

The New State Motor Company Building was built in 1917. It is a three story reinforced concrete building with the capacity for 650 cars. This historic building housed the first Chrysler dealership and the first Moreland dealership in Arizona. In 1956 the Society purchased this building and in the 1970’s the U.S. Postal Service moved into a portion on the main street level. There are also two retail shops on the Main Street level. In 2008 the Society received funding from Arizona State Parks Historical Preservation Heritage Funds to revitalize the floor directly below Main Street. A Museum and public restrooms were added along with 7 unique retail spaces.

In 2010 the Jerome Historical Society was awarded the project of the year for the New State project by Arizona State Parks based on the end use of the project and short time span it took to complete the project.

Scenic View

In the later part of 2006 the Society developed one of their properties (just off 89A as you enter Jerome from the North) and developed a viewing area. This View Park has one of the most picturesque views of Jerome and the Douglas Mansion.

The Park consists of a viewing deck along with mining equipment and interpretive plaques. This Park is the spot to get that perfect picture of Jerome during sunrise or sunsets.