The New State Motor Company Building was built in 1917. It is a three story reinforced concrete building with the capacity for 650 cars. There was a machine shop and garage as well as an interior elevator to raise and lower cars. Around 1927 a wooden ramp was built to take cars from Main Street to the second floor.

This historic building housed the first Chrysler dealership and the first Moreland dealership in Arizona. In 1956 the Society purchased this building and in the 1970’s the U.S. Postal Service moved into a portion on the main street level. There are also two retail shops on the Main Street level. In 2008 the Society received funding from Arizona State Parks Historical Preservation Heritage Funds to revitalize the floor directly below Main Street. A Museum and public restrooms were added along with 7 unique retail spaces.

In 2010 the Jerome Historical Society was awarded the project of the year for the New State project by Arizona State Parks based on the end use of the project and short time span it took to complete the project.