In 1900, the Episcopal Church was organized with the Reverend E.G. Lee as the first priest. Originally, services were held at the Masonic Hall and opera house until 1912 when they purchased a building from the Congregational Church. That building was demolished in 1916 after being condemned. The church purchased this site on Clark Street in 1926 and completed this building in 1927. The Jerome Episcopal Christ Church was inaugurated by Bishop Walter Mitchell of the Arizona Episcopal Church and commemorated by ceremonies of the Grand Lodge of Arizona Masons when it opened in 1927.

This church closed in 1953. The furnishings and stained glass windows were sold. The Jerome Historical Society acquired this church in 1953 when the mines closed. After years of deterioration the Jerome Historical Society restored the building in 1976-1977. The exterior was returned as closely as possible to its original condition, while the interior was redesigned for use as an assembly hall and theater. This facility gradually evolved into the archives and administrative offices of the Jerome Historical Society by 2001.